What is a Funeral Program?

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Creating a funeral program is one of the cremation services provided in Rocky Mount, VA. But most people are not familiar with why there is a funeral program and what is included in it.

Funeral programs are brochures that are handed to each mourner who attends a funeral service or memorial service. A funeral program is also known as “An Order of Service” or a memorial folder. Whatever name is given to this document, it serves a very useful function during the funeral or memorial service, and it gives the family a tangible reminder of the service for their deceased loved one.

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Although funeral programs for funeral or memorial services are optional, they help mourners to know what order the service is going to be in and gives them information about the components of the service, so that they can follow the flow of the service and more actively participate in the service. It also gives those who are paying their respects to the deceased something that they can take home with them from the service.

The funeral home can handle putting the funeral program together for the funeral or memorial service for your loved one. You will be very involved in the process so that the funeral program is representative of the life and taste of your deceased loved one and your family.

Although some families want to put together the funeral program themselves, they often find that there are so many demands on their time that they are unable to devote the care and attention to this document that it deserves.

Most funeral programs have four pages, with a measurement of 4.25” x 5.5”. However, you are not limited to four pages, nor are you limited to this size. Your funeral director can accommodate whatever you and your family would like to have as a funeral program for your deceased loved one.

Once you’ve decided on the size of and number of pages you want to include in the funeral program for your loved one, you will need to turn your focus to what you want included on the inside of the program.

Most funeral programs include the same basic elements. One is the title of the funeral program. Some common titles include “In Memorial,” “A Homecoming Celebration,” or “A Loving Farewell.” Whatever title best captures the kind of funeral or memorial service you are having for your loved one should be listed on the funeral program.

A funeral program also includes a picture of the deceased, the name of the deceased, and the dates of birth and death of the deceased. The picture of the deceased can be either a picture of them when they were younger or it can be the latest picture you have of them. Which you choose is a matter of personal preference. Some families prefer to remember their loved ones when they were healthy and vibrant, while other families want to remember them in the present.

Most funeral programs also include a favorite quote of the deceased and, if they were spiritual, a favorite Bible scripture.

The next element of the funeral program is a list of the components of the funeral or memorial service, including readings (author and title and presenters), eulogies (presenters), spiritual encouragement (presenter), and music (song titles and performers).

The final element of a funeral program will be either the interment details or the funeral reception details, so that mourners know where, when, and at what time these will be held.

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