What Does it Mean to Embalm a Body?

Posted on November 1, 2021 by Conner-Bowman Funeral Home under funeral home
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When you lay your loved one to rest, you might be looking at funeral homes in Glade Hill, VA. In some situations, you may be considering having the body embalmed. This process will prolong the deceased body in this situation if you have a viewing at your service.

Preparing the Deceased

A licensed professional finish the process in several steps after the body has been transported to the facility. Here are the actions to complete the embalming.

  • Clothing is removed, including medical paraphernalia and bandages.
  • The body is disinfected and cleaned.
  • Due to rigor mortis, the joints are massaged to become movable.
  • They set the facial features using glue under the eyelids, and the jaw is sewn or wired shut.

After completing these steps, the embalming process will start. There are two different styles of embalming that can be used to preserve the body.


This process consists of injecting the fluid into arteries, and at the same time, the blood is pushed through a vein. The standard amount of the compound is around two gallons and is a chemical mixture made up of formaldehyde mixed with water.


The procedure follows arterial embalming and only happens when the body is not autopsied. A utensil called a trocar punctures the stomach, lungs, and other hollow organs then suction is used to remove the fluid and gas in the organs. They pump the mixture into the torso, and it will fill the empty spaces.

The fluid used for the cavity procedure is a more potent mix than the arterial version. Both the aspiration and addition of liquid are done through punctures in the torso. They are then sealed with a material called a trocar button.

If There Needs to Be an Autopsy

Embalming may not necessary if the pathologist is removing the organs to inspect them. Once extracted, they are either preserved or returned to the body. They can be placed with the body in a bag or kept at the foot of the casket.funeral homes in Glade Hill, VA

Other Considerations

Even with no federal laws around embalming, some state laws may be in place if a body needs to be transported across the lines. In some other situations, if the body is not buried right away, it may also need to be embalmed. Embalming processes cost between $500 and $700 depending on the location and are generally permitted by most religions.

Take into consideration, but if you want to have a viewing, it can also be placed in refrigeration, but you will need to check with the funeral home to see if they can accommodate this. Other choices like direct cremations can also involve having a memorial service that does not include the deceased’s body.

Helping you Answer the Hard Questions

Whether you need to get the individual’s body involved or you have chosen to have a cremation service, if you are looking at funeral homes in Glade Hill, VA, you want a trusted local source to help you through the process. Conner-Bowman Funeral Home & Crematory wants to help you create a service that will help honor your loved one with compassion and care.