What are the Average Funeral Costs?

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If you need to plan a funeral and have no experience with them, you might be wondering what the costs will be as you work out the details. From the hearse procession to the announcements, multiple items will go into holding a successful event, so it is imperative to research before starting. If you are looking for  funeral homes in Ferrum, VA, you will want to do your research before getting started to know your needs when you speak to the funeral director.

What are the Costs?

The average cost of an American funeral can run between $7000 and $9000, depending on how extravagant you choose to go for the event. Each detail has different prices that will go into the event, and in some cases, you made a company that offers you a package at a discount.


One of the primary fees you will need to pay is an essential service fee for the facility that you have chosen. This can include administrative fees, permits, body storage, and coordinating with the cemetery or crematory. The prices for all of these services have a median of around $2100.

When transporting the body from the location to the cemetery, you will need to utilize your family and friends for assistance or hire a company that can cost around $650.

If you choose to have a viewing or wake before the funeral services, you will want to make sure that you have selected to have the loved one’s body embalmed. This consists of the individual’s remains having a solution added to it, which will help to preserve it for viewing. This service is not required to keep the body from decomposing; it can cost around $750.

If you are scheduling a viewing, you will need to hire a cosmetologist for the Funeral Home to help with hair and makeup for the deceased and will cost $250.

The material you choose for the casket can vary in cost in the range of wood options to metal. There are some biodegradable choices on the market, but if you’re looking for a more traditional around $2000 and up.funeral homes in Ferrum, VA

Other Considerations

The hearse rental will be essential if you are planning a funeral procession and will cost up to $400 depending on the company and style of vehicle you choose. The cemetery plot, grave liner, and grave marker will vary in price depending on your preferences. If you are considering cremation, the cost can run up to $1000 without the urn purchase. While not all these services are required, you will need to consider what your loved one’s wishes were as well as your budget before proceeding.

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