Choosing a Plot is Crucial for Burial, so Here is Some Helpful Information

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Funeral homes in Glade Hill, VA

Funeral homes in Glade Hill, VA, are an integral part of an individual’s process when they need to schedule services to lay a loved one to rest. Traditional burial will include buying a casket, a headstone, a grave liner, and a plot. If you’ve never had to make this purchase before, it might be confusing, so this article will discuss cemetery plots and options available more in-depth.

What Types of Plots Are There?


traditionally when you go to a cemetery, the most common type of plot you’re going to see is a single. This design is intended for one casket with an individual, and it’s considered the most simple and affordable option out of all the choices.


The double plot is ideal for individuals who want to be laid to rest together. In most cases, this will be purchased by a couple, and the plot’s design will either be a side-by-side or a double-depth option where the caskets are placed on top of one another. The double depth is the more affordable of the two choices because it only requires spacing for one plot site on the surface.


Traditionally, many families choose to have plots next to one another, and in most situations, a larger section of the cemetery will be devoted to multiple family members. The space that the plots are in well usually has a large headstone with the family name on it, followed by a section of side-by-side plots for the individual buried there.

CremationFuneral homes in Glade Hill, VA

If you’ve never considered burial with cremation, this is also an option. However, in this case, the plots are still the same size as their traditional caskets, so it can be ideal if multiple family members are cremated and want to be buried together because the spacing will allow for many urns.

What Will the Plot and Burial Cost?

The average cost of a cemetery plot will start at around $200 and can go up as high as $25,000. These prices are based on whether the plot is in a public or private cemetery and an urban or rural area. The more densely populated the site, the chances are that the price will be higher due to the lack of space.

In addition to this, there will also be the cost of the grave marker, with an average starting around $300 and going up from there. There are also intermit fees that can range between $350.00 and go up to $3000, and the burial permit may be needed, which costs around $20.

Trusted and Honest Professional Services

When it is time to lay a loved one to rest, you want to make sure that you’re picking the right plot and to have a truly meaningful service. If you have been looking at funeral homes in Glade Hill, VA, we are your locally trusted and professional experts you can count on. We are locally owned and operated and offer exceptional services, so contact us today for more information.

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