Offering Help At A Funeral Home

Posted on May 17, 2021 by Conner-Bowman Funeral Home under funeral home
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When you are going to one of the funeral homes in Ferrum, VA to attend final services, it can be a very hard time. It can also be hard to figure out how you are going to support the family of the person who died. Perhaps you didn’t know the person who passed very well, but you do know someone in the family and you want to support them. There are lots of ways you can offer to help around the funeral. Here are a few ideas to help you land on the right options:


Offer To Greet

Often, when you arrive at the funeral home, someone in the family or perhaps a funeral home professional will be lined up to greet the guests. If you think of it in advance, you can offer to do that yourself. You might be someone the family recognizes and would be comforted to see. You can welcome people to the service and direct them to the right room. If you notice that the job isn’t take when you arrive, you can always offer to do it last minute and offer the family a break. You could also relieve someone who is doing the job so they can go spend time with the rest of the family.


Offer To Distribute Flowers

Funeral homes often help with this as well, but it’s another job you could take on, too. Once the funeral is over, there’s usually a lot of flowers to think about. You can find out who wants what and deliver those items to them later on in the day, or take them to the houses and leave them on porches. The rest of the flowers, that are marked for donation, you can deliver to a hospital or nursing home yourself to take the load off the family that is grieving.

funeral homes in Ferrum, VA


Offer To Help With The Reception

This is also something you could call and ask about in advance, but you can also offer to help out at the reception if you see that they need more hands to serve, to offer drink refills, or to clean up after. Some family members or a group of friends might have organized the reception, but there’s often no such thing as too much help. Lending your helping hand, even at the last minute, can be a very nice gesture.


When you are going to one of the funeral homes in Ferrum, VA, it’s nice to offer to do things for the family is you see a gap somewhere that needs to be filled. They are grieving and there might be things you can do to alleviate the stress and pressure they have on that day. If you want ideas for things you might be able to do to help the family in mourning, you can call the professionals at Conner-Bowman Funeral Home & Crematory and ask for suggestions. We are here to help people plan final services, but we also want to help those supporting the bereaved.