Holding Space for Loved One’s Who Have Suffered a Loss

Posted on September 13, 2021 by Conner-Bowman Funeral Home under funeral home
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funeral home service in Boones Mill, VAWhen someone loses a loved one and must schedule a cremation service or funeral home service in Boones Mill, VA., it may be challenging to know how to support them through their loss. The words holding space are used by people when someone has suffered a loss or is going through something difficult for them. Holding space truly means being present with an individual while processing the situation without expectation of them.

This process also requires that you give yourself wholeheartedly to their needs and set your grievances aside to be present with them. It consists of allowing the person to be right where they are in the moment and not trying to change it, even if it is uncomfortable for you.

A few key factors can help guide you in this journey with your loved one or friend to help ease their grieving process. Loss and emotions can be very uncomfortable in these situations, so understand that the process has no set time. This means that the individual could be grieving for years or just a few days, but the most crucial element is to allow them the time they need to feel their feelings and let them go.

Let the individual have their feelings precisely as they are. You can allow space for the individual to process whatever emotions might arise and give the room to release them. Eventually, as they let go, the feelings will be less intense and more manageable as they heal. And in most cases, it is normal to want to fix the person or turn them back to who they were before the loss, but the key is not to try to change them. Not trying to fix them and just using intent listening and compassion for their situation is all you need to do.

funeral home service in Boones Mill, VAIn addition, finding out what their needs are is another great option. They may need someone to sit with them or even help around their home with jobs that can make all the difference. Talking about memories and what they loved about the person can also support the holding process.

Navigating Emotions Through This Process

There is no easy way to help individuals through the loss process, and the best thing to do is be present for them when they are ready to express how they feel. Their emotions can fluctuate moment to moment as they grieve, so allowing them to feel what they need is critical. They will also experience moments of loneliness, so just checking in with them or being present if they call can make a big difference.

The compassionate individuals at Conner-Bowman Funeral Home and Crematory want you to know that you are supported and that we have resources to help process the loss. Our cremation service or funeral home service in Boones Mill, VA, not only offers traditional services but exceptional online grief support to help not only individuals but family counseling also.