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Preplanning funerals at funeral homes in Glade Hill, VA involves making all the preparations for funerals before death. One thing you should think about when you are planning your funeral is making sure you have funeral insurance.


By including a funeral insurance policy in your funeral preplanning, you can have the peace of mind that you have taken most of the burden of funeral arrangements off your family so that they can focus on grieving.


Funeral insurance is an insurance policy that is specifically for covering all your final expenses. When you are thinking about how much coverage you need with a funeral insurance policy, you need to think about both the funeral and other possible end of life expenses.


It is important to know that funeral insurance policies are different from life insurance policies, so you should consider having both life insurance and funeral insurance.


While you can buy a funeral insurance policy as a separate policy, there are some insurance companies that will let you convert part of a policy you have already into a separate funeral insurance policy.


For instance, when you buy a home, you purchase insurance to cover the whole mortgage if something catastrophic occurs with your home. As you pay the mortgage down, you do not need as much coverage to pay the mortgage off if a catastrophic event occurs.


Therefore, you may be able to convert some of this extra coverage to a funeral insurance policy. You should check with the insurance company that you have your home insurance policy with to see if they allow this type of conversion.


One of the differences between funeral insurance policies and life insurance policies is that you are not required to have a medical examination to purchase a funeral insurance policy. Another difference is that the rates for funeral insurance policies are not determined by age or health, so they are affordable for most people.


Funeral insurance policies are whole life policies. This means that the rate you purchase the policy at will not change, and the policy will be in effect – as long as premiums are paid – for your entire life.


Many people believe that their life insurance policies can be used to cover their final expenses. While this is true, the purpose of life insurance policies is to provide financial security for your family.


If some of that money has to be used to pay medical bills, legal bills, outstanding debts, and funeral expenses, this will mean your family will have less money to rely on to take care of themselves after your death.


You should be aware that most funeral insurance policies have a waiting period – sometimes up to a year or two – before they will pay benefits. Therefore, it would be wise to go ahead and purchase a funeral insurance policy while you are healthy and well.


If you wait until you get sick (terminal illness, for example) to buy a funeral insurance policy, it is unlikely that your family will be able to claim any benefits to help pay for final expenses.


funeral homes in Glade Hill, VA

As you are preplanning your funeral with the funeral home, you can make sure that the funeral director has the policy information for your funeral insurance so that after you die, the funeral home can directly file the claim to get the funeral insurance benefits to cover your funeral expenses.



The funeral home will ensure that your family gets any remaining benefits that exceed the cost of your funeral, so that your family can use this money to pay other final expenses.


For information on preplanning funerals at funeral homes in Glade Hill, VA, our compassionate and experienced staff at Conner-Bowman Funeral Home & Crematory is here to help.

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