Cremation Services Can Fit The Bill

Posted on May 10, 2021 by Conner-Bowman Funeral Home under cremation
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cremation services in Glade Hill, VA


You never know when death is going to touch your life. It’s hard to prepare for things when you don’t know that they are coming, right? If a loved one passes away, it’s quite possible you didn’t see it coming. You may have to plan services without really knowing what they wanted to have happen and that can be hard. Keep in mind that both traditional funeral and burial services as well as cremation services in Glade Hill, VA are completely honorable and respectful. You really can’t go wrong. You simply have to decide what the better fit for the family member is. There are reasons that cremation services might fit the bill, literally and in other ways. Here are a few to consider.


The Small Expenses

Cremation services might fit the ‘bill,’ literally, because they cost less than funerals do. Why is that? Well, funerals include things that you just don’t have to have for a cremation service. For example, during a funeral, you need a casket, a cemetery plot, a headstone, a casket, and so on. You don’t have to have any of those products or services with a cremation. If you don’t have a large budget, but you want to take care of your loved one’s needs, having a less expensive cremation service could be just the right way to go. You can fit the bill to your budget.


Travel Arrangements Need To Be Made

IF your family is spread out around the country and they really want to be there to help you honor your loved one, but short notice is hard for travel, perhaps cremation would fit the bill better. When you cremate your loved one, you can put their services off until a time that works well for your family members. You have more time to plan the services and they have time to plan their travel and get to your location.


cremation services in Glade Hill, VA

Or, on the other hand, if you want to take your loved one to another location for a special service or even an ash scattering, cremation is going to allow for that. Caskets can be transported, but it’s much harder. With cremation, your loved one can go anywhere with ease and you don’t have to worry about the expense portion of it.


There are lots of things you can do with cremation services in Glade Hill, VA that either you can’t do with a regular funeral or that would cost a lot more, making it unaffordable. The professionals at Conner-Bowman Funeral Home & Crematory are here to help you with the process from start to finish. We understand that it can be very hard to figure out what you want to do for a loved one when they pass on and you aren’t sure what they wanted for their final services. We can’t decide anything for you, but we can offer you suggestions and information that can help you land on the right plans for your family and your loved one to honor them in just the right way.