Choosing a Medical Power of Attorney

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Before funerals at funeral homes in Rocky Mount, VA, everyone should consider what they want in terms of medical care at the end of their lives or in situations where they are unable to make medical decisions for themselves.

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Many people don’t think about it, but when they have surgeries that are under anesthesia that either completely or partially makes them unaware of what’s going on, they need to have a medical power of attorney in place in case medical decisions need to be made during or after the surgery.

But what should you take into consideration when you’re choosing a medical power of attorney?

Often people don’t think too carefully before they name someone as their medical power of attorney – in fact, some people appoint a medical power of attorney without even telling the person they’ve appointed about it – and go with their hearts and feelings, instead of considering the practical aspects of what a medical power of attorney’s responsibilities are.

One thing that should factor into your decision is how close the person you’re appointing as your medical power attorney lives to you or to your preferred hospital. Since your medical power of attorney may need to be where you are receiving care as quickly as possible, especially in an emergency or a life-threatening situation, it’s important that they live close enough to do that.

Another thing to consider when choosing a medical power of attorney is whether they are actively enough involved in your life to know about medical issues you’re dealing with, medical professionals you are seeing, and medical treatment you are receiving.

In families, parents often choose their oldest children, by default, to be their medical powers of attorney. However, those children may not be the ones who are most actively involved in the day-to-day lives of the parents, and may not have any idea about the medical aspects of their parents’ lives. Therefore, the child or children who are most actively involved are much better choices as medical powers of attorney.

Trustworthiness is a key consideration when you’re deciding on a medical power of attorney. Some people will say they will help, but when they’re needed, they don’t show up. Some people, on the other hand, really desire to help, but they are not able to.

You need a medical power of attorney that is completely reliable, that will abide by all of your wishes, and will stay current with everything related to your medical condition (they should have a copy of your living will, your current list of medications – with dosages throughout the day – and medical treatments, and your complete medical history).

Another thing that you’ll need for an effective medical power of attorney is someone who can be assertive – advocating strongly for your wishes in your medical care – without being offensive. The extremes of just saying “yes” to anything that medical professionals say or suggest or of being argumentative and combative with medical staff about everything is not what’s best for your health. Choose someone that is balanced, but has the confidence and knowledge to advocate for your medical care in a way that is cooperative, but still absolutely in alignment with all your wishes.

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