Cemeteries are an Integral Part of History, so Here are Some Interesting Facts About Them

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Funeral homes in Ferrum, VA

Funeral homes in Ferrum, VA, are the leading provider of services that you can trust after a loved one passes away. One aspect of traditional burial is purchasing the plot in a chosen cemetery and laying them to rest. Cemeteries are a vital space that can help honor an individual’s last wishes, so here are some interesting facts and histories.

Obelisks Were a Regular Part of the Scenery

In 1800, ’s Obelisks started showing up in cemeteries regularly due to a revived interest in the Egyptian culture. The obelisks were seen as patriotic and were more affordable than a traditional headstone, so individuals began utilizing them as an alternative.

Graves Would Face East

The early settlers first started being buried with their feet facing East. This was from the belief that when they were reborn, they would rise on a new day and face the sun. Once graveyards started being built in areas with rocky terrain and hilly locations, the direction of the graves changed due to the uneven areas.

Cemeteries Have Specific Rules to Follow

Cemeteries are not any different than regular parks because, in most cases, they have their own set of rules to follow. A few standard regulations may include:

  • Having set open and closing times for visiting
  • Posted speed limit signs
  • Asking people to not litter
  • Restrictions on what can be left at the gravesite
  • Keeping pets on a lease

Early and Current Epitaphs

The epitaphs are also known as inscriptions, and in early history, the phrases and words used reflected how the individual had passed away. As knowledge was gained around loss and death, these inscriptions changed to expressions of grief and hope about the loved one.

Cemeteries Have More than Just One Purpose

When you think of a cemetery, you may consider it just a place to bury an individual. This space can be utilized for many other experiences, including being a quiet space to relax for some people. In other cases, some graveyards have museums on them and are used to help educate the public on the property’s history. And for others, the grounds are used for live music and movie showings.

The Material of the Headstone MatteredFuneral homes in Ferrum, VA

One last fact about early cemeteries was the headstone material showed the stature of an individual’s family. Granite and marble were commonly chosen options for the wealthier families, and the lower and middle-class families picked wood, lime, or limestone.

Exceptionally Compassionate Care

Cemeteries have a rich and interesting history, and when it comes to laying your loved one to rest, you want to have a company on your side that understands what integrity means. If you have been looking at funeral homes in Ferrum, VA, we would love to help you through the process from start to finish with support and care. We offer exceptional services that our community depends on, so if you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment, call us today, and we can help you get started.

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