Advice For Talking To Family About Your Future Cremation

Posted on April 5, 2021 by Conner-Bowman Funeral Home under cremation
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There are lots of things you probably talk about with your family on a regular basis. You might discuss what to have at the next family dinner, when the next game is for your kids or nieces and nephews, your job, their job, and so on. But one thing you likely don’t talk about often, if ever, is cremation services in Ferrum, VA. If you would like to be cremated after you pass on, it’s a good idea to let your family know of those final wishes. Here’s some advice for broaching that topic.

Carve Out Private Time

First, you want to make sure you have ample time with your family to discuss something so private and important. You don’t want to spring the topic on them and you don’t want to try and combine it with a celebration, like for a birthday, a reunion, or at another time that has a purpose. Instead, carve out time to be with your family where you have the right amount of time to tell them what they need to know and take questions if there are any. Do so in a nice, quiet location that will allow you to get the attention you need without distractions.

Be Direct About What You Want

If you have thought a lot about your final services, and you are sure that you want to be cremated, make sure you are direct with your family about that fact. They should know what you want so they can follow your wishes. It’s important for them to hear it from you. They will more likely want to follow your wishes if you tell them what you want yourself. You can tell them if you have any reasons behind it, or just that you feel that is what is best for you. Being direct and to the point about what you want is usually the easiest way to go about taking the issue on.

Consider Pre-Planning To Get Things Lined Up

If you know more of what you want outside of just being cremated, you can also plan your own services in advance with professionals so your family doesn’t have to remember the details of what you want for the future. When you pass on, they just contact the funeral home that holds your plans and things move forward from there. It’s nice to tell them what you want, but also to have plans in place that they can simply just follow when the time comes.

cremation services in Ferrum, VA

If you are ready for that conversation with your family, decide whether you want cremation services in Ferrum, VA or a traditional burial and then sit down and tell them what you want. When you pass on in the future, they will be grateful that they know what you want so they don’t have to guess. If you want to make plans and put them in writing, contact the professionals at Conner-Bowman Funeral Home & Crematory for help with that process.

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