5 Options for Burying a Loved One’s Ashes

Posted on May 23, 2022 by Conner-Bowman Funeral Home under cremation
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Your loved one meant the world to you, so one way you can truly honor them after the cremation services in Ferrum, VA, is to ensure that their remains are buried in a location that would have been important to them. There are a few different choices for burying the ashes, so keep reading, and we will give you all the details.


One of the first options available to bury an individual’s ashes is in an above-ground building called a columbarium. These are commonly found in cemeteries, specifically designed for cremated remains only. The structure has individual spaces called niches that will house one standard-sized urn. The exterior will traditionally have a bronze plaque on the outside of it to identify the individual laid to rest there.

Cemetery Plot

Gravesites and cemeteries are not just for caskets, and they have been extended to allow for the burial of urns. This can be a cost-effective option, especially if you have multiple individuals who want to be buried together because the spacing is still the same size as a standard casket, so it will allow for numerous individuals to remain. If you consider this as an option, do keep in mind that you will also have to purchase a vault liner intended to act as a support to prevent the ground from collapsing in on the remains.

Private Property

In some cases, the individual who passed away may want to be buried on their property which can be the easiest and cheapest option. In a best-case scenario, they may have already picked out a space on the property where they wanted to be laid to rest, which could save a lot of time and money for the family.

Urn Garden

Urn gardens are located inside cemeteries, and they are designated areas to help display the urns in nature. There may be items like personalized benches that can hold the individual’s remains and have a plaque on them or hollowed-out stones, and the urns are placed inside of them to be on display.

National Parks or Ocean

If the deceased’s request were to be buried in a National Park in most cases, this wouldn’t be available due to specific regulations, but you might be able to scatter them there. Regarding ocean burials, there are biodegradable urns that you can purchase that will begin to break down as soon as it comes in contact with the water. In either case, we recommend checking with local agencies to see if there are any regulations that the EPA has around this process.

cremation services in Ferrum, VA

Truly Thoughtful Events

Fulfilling your loved one’s last wishes is an essential part of scheduling the details for the cremation services in Ferrum, VA. you want to know that the event you are creating is truly memorable, so we are here to help you through the process. We are locally owned, and we take great pride in offering the highest level of respect and dignity for all of our clients, so contact us today for an appointment.